Web Design

What’s up?

Let’s talk about web design, it seems to be so popular just recently, is it because there is a huge market for web designers and developers? Of coarse it is, there are so many businesses in this day and age without websites which is kind of alarming, but to them it’s not?

That’s because they have never been educated on the power of the internet and how a well built and search engine optimized site can generate a lot of new business.  Continue reading “Web Design”


What’s up?

Welcome to Hydra MVC Gaming & Design… My name’s Dan and i am the webmaster for this blog.

I live in a place called Coppenhall by Gnosall in Staffordshire. My background is in design and technology, nothing else has ever given me the satisfaction that gaming and design has.


Gaming a lows me to live in a virtual world where there are no boundaries to what you can do, Continue reading “Intro”