Guild Wars (Nightfall)

guild wars nightfall

What’s up?

Like World Of Warcraft this game brings back lots of memories, this was my second heavy hitting game where i would go hardcore 12 hours a day!

Guild wars nightfall was an expansion to the original but it my eyes one of the best! It brought two new classes to the game, Paragons and my favorite Dervish.

dervishThe Dervish are scythe wielding characters that deal heavy amounts of damage in short bursts.

Their special skill transforms them into one of the seven gods avatars and they look frigging awesome!

To obtain their special skill they must hold a “signet of capture”. Once they enter combat with one of the seven gods avatars and defeated them, only then can the dervish use their signet of capture to obtain that skill only given by the gods.

Dervish avatar

This is what these bad boys are capable of transforming into, while in this mode their damage and strength is increased and they also obtain a special skill set for the duration of their transformation.

This avatar is also know as “Grenth” i like to refer to him as the Grim Reaper.

Hope you enjoyed the post, more to come !


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