World Of Warcraft

World of warcraft, burning crusade

What’s up?

This game literately brings back so many good memories, when i think of them it just makes me want to relive those days where life was so easy, where i could game for hours on end with complete strangers around the world and form alliances with friends.

World of Wacraft consists of two sides: The Alliance | The Horde. An easy way to explains these two factions is like Lord Of The Rings. Imaging Frodo (The Alliance) & Sauron (The Horde).

The Alliance

The alliance consists of:

  • Night Elf’s
  • Humans
  • Dwarfs
  • Gnomes
  • Draenei

The Alliance is the “good” if you like.

The Horde

The horde consists of:

  • Undead
  • Blood Elf’s
  • Orcs
  • Trolls
  • Tauren

The Horde is the “bad” if you like.

horde vs alliance, world of warcraft


World Of Warcraft is an epic adventure where you learn new skills, meet new friends, obtain new armor and become a powerful weapon within the game.

I spent almost three years playing World Of Warcraft and would go as far to say it is one of the best MMO’s available to this date. Blizzard have done a mighty fine job of making this game playable by all ages.

The story behind this great game is captivating… The “lore” has been well written which most role-playing game designers seem to compromise on for game quality, which Blizzard doesn’t they basically kick ass on every dimension.

Hope you found this short review helpful, although it’s not really a comprehensive review more about how i feel about this game.


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