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What’s up?

Welcome to Hydra MVC Gaming & Design… My name’s Dan and i am the webmaster for this blog.

I live in a place called Coppenhall by Gnosall in Staffordshire. My background is in design and technology, nothing else has ever given me the satisfaction that gaming and design has.


Gaming a lows me to live in a virtual world where there are no boundaries to what you can do, MMO (massive multiplayer online) role-playing games are my favorite. This is because MMO’s take a long time to advance to higher levels, once you achieve a certain “status” you get recognised for your skills.


I started gaming at a very young age… Like all kids to these days, however i find that i have a ridiculously addictive personality. This did not help as i progressed through school cause all that was on my mind was gaming.


Credit Runescape

To name a few of my favorites…

  • Runescape
  • Guild Wars (nightfall)
  • World Of Warcraft (all expansions)


These games are all MMO’s and have been the biggest part of my life from the age of 15 – 20.

What’s Next?

Being a “geek” but not the brightest…┬áJust hardcore at gaming i struggled to find a profession to get into once i left school. Eventually i found something that would give me the satisfaction of gaming but would also earn me money… Web design / development, graphic design and writing articles.

What Now?

I’m 24 years old and currently do freelance web design, my customers market my skills for me and this brings in a steady number of clients each month (which is all i can handle).

My plans for the future are to retire young so that i can game all day…

I have chosen to keep this standard blog separate from my day to day life. This blog is a place where i can express how i feel and share my greatest achievements online.


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